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  Recently, in the town of sulincy stars LED lamp lighting company production workshop in a busy scene, according to the enterprise manager Wang Zhigen said this year LED lights production task is very nervous, orders increased by 30% to 30% over the previous year, this year's output can double in size on the basis of 30 million yuan last year, up to 60 million yuan.

  Adhere to the transformation and upgrading. Star lighting electric appliance co., LTD. Is a production of energy-saving lamps of hundreds of millions of yuan companies, is also the earliest involved in linan energy-saving lamp industry LED lights production enterprise, from the start of 2 LED production lines now increased to 10. Ten years ago, Wang Zhigen like other bosses sulincy town, production of energy-saving lamps, founded the sulincy star lighting electric appliance co., LTD. 10, star company through hard work, the output from several million to one hundred million yuan. But, to the development of an enterprise to grow must be ready on the transformation and upgrading, as early as in 2010, company head Wang Zhigen LED new electric GuangYuanGan interest, the investment of 10 million, the second year and continue to invest 10 million, but due to the immature market and products, 2 years, enterprises LED produce a loss of 2.8 million. Through two years of contact and LED to further understanding of the market, Wang Zhigen assign: as the global to attaches great importance to environmental protection, the LED will replace energy-saving lamps, pioneer will definitely benefit. Therefore, earlier this year, the enterprise and investment of 10 million, production increased from the original article 5 to 10.

  On two legs. , the main production line for middle and lower reaches of star company produces the LED package and application. The middle and lower reaches of combination is beneficial to quality assurance of products, product profit space is large, increased autonomy, etc. Because of the uncertainty of the international financial risk factors, more and more stars company implements the export, sale in domestic market on two legs, that opens the door to the LED market. Export sales and big business and foreign cooperation, products are exported to eastern Europe. Domestic sales began independent brands, to open direct sales outlets in the domestic, at present prepares for the jiangsu changzhou and linan two outlets, expected can be opened in July. The star company LED lights within 80%, domestic sales accounted for 20%. Wang Zhigen confidently said: to use 2 years time the sulincy "star" brand in the domestic, at the same time decrease the export amount.

  Leds are promising. Wang Zhigen said, since June, ordinary energy-saving lamps order business fell 20% to about 30%, but the LED lamp orders increased by 30 to 50%. Analyze the main reason is: leds are confirmed by the market, the new electric light source, and the price is stable. From 1 to 5 months, star company LED lamp sales of 16 million. Wang Zhigen also pave the way for further development, he said analysis: due to the LED just started, so the quality of the good and bad are intermingled, in development to a certain extent, the product will be a "reshuffle", backward product. For this purpose, the star company and hangzhou university of electronic science and technology cooperation, established a 20 r&d center composed of high-tech talent.


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